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Greyscale Gorilla

For those Cinema4D and After Effects users out there (if you already don’t know) allow me to introduce you to GreyScaleGorilla. A longtime friend of GraphicsMafia, Nick has been posting some valuable tutorials. Great for beginners and intermediate users. This is also a good time to ask, would you readers be more interested in seeing tutorial/resource posts or in seeing …

Earth Zoom In

Pretty sweet tutorial for a universe to street corner fly in effect in after effects. launches

Graphicsmafia friend Chad Ashley has created a new blog where he’ll be posting his experiences with new CG software. A highly accomplished 3D artist, Chad currently heads up the 3D department at Digital Kitchen Chicago. So far is off to a great start with a free HDR and a review of hdrlight studio.’s best AE plugins

Very comprehensive list of the best After Effects Plugins. Actually, I think they list them all! With a description of each plugin. Thanks FilmkaerIQ

Idea Conference 2008

Congratulations to all the winners from the Idea Conference. Thanks to everyone who came out and attended any of the classes. Especially those who had kind things to say about my Beginner Photoshop/AE class. I thought I’d post some of the content from that class. Here is the above headshot used in the advanced tips and tricks class as a …