Lava Studio for MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk”

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Really cool show package using a pinball machine concept. Excellent execution by Lava Studio.

IntentionalTalkGraphics from Lava Studio on Vimeo.

Lava Studio created a richly detailed broadcast package for the fun and irreverent Intentional Talk on MLB Network. Lava’s Designer/Animator Chris Nasso came up with the concept of a pinball machine theme. Then he and Creative Director David Woodward developed a storyboard and made their pitch. The pinball game design provided endless opportunities for clever details, inside jokes, and references to the signature segments of the show.


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  1. James wooster
    James wooster05-17-2013

    Hey Brian, love your stuff! I’m watching your 2011 NAB C4D presentation…. Super Cool! Do you think C4D will work well with Smoke 2013 ?

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