Troika creates identity for NFL Fandom

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NFL Fandom from Troika on Vimeo.

Brand consultancy & creative agency Troika has partnered with NFL Network to create the identity for NFL Fandom, a new segment that harnesses social media to spark conversation and debate around football’s hot topics. NFL Fandom premiered on October 16th, and will be regularly featured as a part of NFL Network’s Total Access.

NFL Fandom aims to empower fans by using trending topics to inform segment discussions, taking a lighthearted, conversational approach to football entertainment. Troika was tapped to build this brand experience by visually representing the fun, social nature of NFL Fandom, and the passionate world that NFL fans live in.

Troika developed the NFL Fandom identity around the design motif “Mancave,” showcasing a chaotic 3D collage of fan paraphernalia and team iconography. The NFL Fandom identity takes viewers through an infinite environment of team-branded mancaves, immersing viewers into the world of the fan and establishing the NFL Fandom as the premiere destination where fans and experts discuss football.

Said Gil Haslam, Creative Director at Troika, “NFL Network really wanted to push the creative boundaries of NFL Fandom. Being so deeply rooted in social media, we wanted to build an NFL Fandom experience that pits different teams, fans, and trending topics against each other to fight for top billing on the show.”

NFL Fandom was built by a team of 10 designers, animators and producers at Troika. Elements were delivered in a toolkit format for NFL Network’s teams to easily update, including show opens and closes, transitions, show bugs, and backgrounds.

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  1. Donovan

    This is just so, so crisp. the detail in the rooms is such a sermon on the amount of attention we put into scenes sometimes, and the fact that it only takes 10 frams and its gone, noticed by nobody but a few nerds who love it. god i love what we do

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